Hang A Shingle: How To Start and Build A Law Practice

Many lawyers dream of starting a solo law practice, but sometimes the benefits of working for a big law firm keep that dream firmly rooted in their minds. Law school graduates are told that starting a solo law practice is not a good idea. As any experience lawyer who has put in the sweat equity to start and build a law practice can explain, the choice to “hang a shingle” presents myriad challenges, none more so than marketing and networking. In short, how do new clients find you?

For those endeavoring to figure out how to start and build a law practice of their own, we believe success hinges on many factors. Lawyers need more than just the ability to practice law to build a thriving law practice. They need to understand customer service, networking, financial bookkeeping and online marketing.

When starting a new venture, ask yourself a few questions and then create a plan. We have come up with three important questions lawyers should ask when thinking about starting a law practice:

  1. What is my motivation for doing this?
  2. What are my goals?
  3. What can I spend?

Because marketing is one of the most integral elements to starting any new business, you should make this a priority when enacting your business plan. Specifically, online marketing is one of the key ingredients (and most cost efficient marketing platform) to creating a successful business. As Internet marketers with more than thirty years of combined online marketing experience and over a decade creating websites for lawyers and law firms, the SEO experts at Sites For Law Firms know that having an optimized, focused online presence is essential for new businesses. An elegantly designed, well optimized lawyer website can be the difference between attracting new clients and remaining in anonymity. Yet, if you’re like most lawyers, you cannot–and should not–focus too much of your attention on this, because, after all, your expertise is law, not building websites for lawyers.

In response, Sites For Law Firms has created a website builder that combines customizable, stylish, user-friendly, reasonably priced lawyer websites with built-in SEO marketing content for every area of law. The benefits of having a well optimized website that ranks well on Google are immeasurable for every lawyer looking to start and build a law practice. After all, the goal is for potential clients to contact you. Having a pretty, expensive website with all the bells and whistles provides nothing if no one can find it online.

If you are ready to hang a shingle, then you need a website for lawyers that includes thoroughly researched, expert built-in online marketing. This will save you time and money, while allow you to build up your client base and focus on what you were trained to do – practice law. Contact Sites For Law Firms immediately.

Sites For Law Firms Launches Attorney Website Builder with Built-In Attorney SEO Marketing

State-of-the-art web tool unites law firm SEO marketing content with professionally designed attorney website templates.

Sites For Law Firms, a website builder with customized Internet marketing for law firms, attorneys, and legal professionals officially launched, marking a new era in integrative software products that combines web design and industry-specific, search engine optimization (SEO) content.

“This service is the best option for law firms today, both in terms of law firm website design and attorney marketing strategies.”

The Boulder, Colorado, Internet website marketing and design startup, Sites For Law Firms  has developed a state-of-the-art web tool for constructing attorney websites and law firm websites that feature attorney SEO marketing content for every area of law. Attorneys anywhere in the country can now quickly and easily enable and customize professionally designed attorney website templates to fit their legal practice’s unique feel and brand.

“We believe this is the best option for law firms today, both in terms of law firm website design and attorney marketing strategies,” said Jeffrey Magner, CEO of Sites For Law Firms. His team, Magner said, has over thirty years of combined expertise in website development and online marketing, in addition to a decade of experience working with attorneys and law firms.

What makes Sites For Law Firms so unique is the combination of attorney web design and attorney web site marketing. In addition to offering customizable web templates, each website comes fully equipped with law firm SEO marketing bolstered by industry best practices. Both components are integral, Magner said, to the easy-to-use, self-editable content management system, helping attorneys create elegant, client-friendly websites that attract leads through effective, tested Internet search marketing techniques.

“Each website combines tasteful law firm website templates with savvy search engine optimization best practices,” Magner explained. “This allows users to quickly customize each template to fit their aesthetic needs while also filling each page with researched, relevant attorney SEO content.”

The SEO experts at Sites For Law Firms thoroughly researched all of the law firm internet marketing content. This SEO wisdom is interwoven into the content and code of each attorney website to help drive relevant search traffic to a website. The attorney SEO content is part of the Sites For Law Firms website builder package at no additional fee, placing new legal practices on the path to success regardless of their areas of practice or expertise. Even established law firms can benefit from a Sites For Law Firms website, as the embedded law firm SEO marketing and stylish law firm website design will increase online exposure for law practices that have yet to harness the marketing power and potential of the Internet.

“[We] have worked with law firms and attorneys for more than a decade, helping all of them achieve concrete, bankable SEO results,” said Magner, who explained that Sites For Law Firms team has a wealth of experience with attorney SEO marketing. “Our goal was to provide top-notch SEO for law firms with professional web design, so any law firm can develop a thriving online presence.”

Another foundation of the Sites For Law Firms vision is product usability and accessibility. When customers use the website builder, they can generate an attorney website in a matter of minutes. And rather than having to wait for slow-moving, third party web design companies to make changes to their websites, clients can use the straightforward, user-friendly interface to edit their sites anywhere, anytime without having to suffer through the wearisome, infuriating emails and phone calls with web development companies.

“We know how frustrating it can be to have to wait for a webmaster or web support team to update any part of a website,” said Magner. “We want our clients to focus on practicing law, not web design or marketing. A key component of our vision was to create a tool that makes law firm websites that are easy to build, manage and maintain from any computer that is connected to the Internet.”

With Sites For Law Firms, a tool now exists that easily builds effective SEO-focused websites in minutes. Once they access the content management system, Sites For Law Firms customers are provided with step-by-step guidance for updating, maintaining and customizing legal websites with effective law firm Internet marketing and SEO for attorneys. In addition, users are allowed to build an unlimited number of pages using the attorney website templates. As an added feature, website hosting and domain name registration are included in the low monthly price with no long-term commitment required. New websites start at $89.00 per month with an annual pricing option that makes it even more economically friendly.

“The final product was clearly engineered with first-time users and computer neophytes in mind,” said Dean Wolf, a provisional patent lawyer and Sites For Law Firms customer, “The law firm website templates are easy to customize and are thoughtfully designed to provide a professional look and feel for my practice.”

In addition, the Sites For Law Firms website builder was designed with an eye toward customer service. If problems or questions arise, dedicated phone, email, and technical support is available. Clients are not just purchasing a website builder with SEO for law firms. They are purchasing an experienced, results-driven company committed to providing the best in technical and customer support of client results and satisfaction.

“We know how to focus and work hard and have a genuine passion for what we do,” said Magner.

Sites For Law Firms customizable website builder and marketing tool—which combines classic law firm website design with researched Internet marketing for law firms for one affordable price—is available for every area of legal practice. If you are interested in Sites For Law Firms, go to the attorney web site marketing webpage – http://sitesforlawfirms.com – to sign up for a free 14-day trial.