6 Actionable Law Firm Social Media Tips


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If you are lucky enough to have a handful of clients that keep you on law firm supporting retainer, good for you.

However, for the rest of us, the life of our practice hangs on the balance of new leads clamoring for our business that eventually turn into clients.

There is only so much you can do once your top funnel marketing avenues have been fully taken advantage of.  You have your direct-response paid advertising channels running, you are providing top notch customer service, your website is optimized to attract high-quality search visitors, and you’re coming through with tough legal wins for your existing clients. 

If you want to do more, that’s where social media comes in with its ability to connect you with essentially any potential client. 

One knock on social media is that it requires time to build rapport with your target audience.   When you’re running a law firm, there’s simply not enough time to do that if you are not using social media effectively.

So we gathered 6 actionable social media tips that your law firm can begin working on today to help further your marketing efforts.

Do Not Constantly Sell Your Services

Contrary to popular belief, as a business, you should not constantly sell to your audience on social media. Every tweet should NOT be about “buying this” or every update about “registering for that”. 

As a business, you risk losing the attention of your potential pool of clients.  When you over-sell, you drive your audience away.

What you really need to do is add value to your customers.  Value comes in the form of content curation, creating connections through real social conversation, and providing a piece of yourself by sharing insights about your brands personality and beliefs.

When your audience identifies with your brand, the easier it comes to convert them into clients.

DO THIS INSTEAD: Follow the 80/20 rule.  80% of your posts should be social.  20% should be about the sell.

Become the Subject-Matter Expert

If your law firm specializes in medical malpractice, then communicate that message in everything you do on social.  Focus on providing and sharing medical malpractice stories, triumphs, and tips to identify it.

Create a tight company bio that can be used across all social media platforms that communicates your subject matter expertise.

Once your establish yourself as the expert, you will be a strong candidate in the event that your audience needs your legal services when it comes to that expertise. 

Setup Twitter Cards

When using Twitter, you stand the chance of achieving a higher click through rate when using Twitter Cards. Twitter Cards enable you to attach rich photos, videos and add media to Tweets that drive traffic to your law firm’s website.

Here’s a complete guide on how to use Twitter Cards.

Join Hashtag Conversations

There are conversations occurring around your law firm’s focus all the time.  If you are personal injury attorney that focuses on car accidents, search using #caraccident.  If you practice family law, then join the conversation around #divorce.

Join a Hashtag Conversation

Use LinkedIn Paid Advertising         

If you are a law firm that focuses on startups, try creating a social media ad campaign that targets startups on LinkedIn.  PRO Tip: Go to AngelList at https://angel.co to get a list of Startups.

If you’re a medical malpractice lawyer, target doctors.  If you are an insurance lawyer, target insurance companies and employees.

Social Media Paid Ads to a Landing Page

A golden rule that almost seems to always get broken is to NEVER send paid traffic to your homepage.  When create social media ads, make a separate landing page on your website that you can A/B test. 

The landing page should be optimized to sell and convert.  Test the page layout, buttons, colors, rich media, etc.

And there you have it. Join the conversations surrounding your law firm and make a name for yourself on social.

Do you have any other tips?  Share them with Sites for Law Firm in the comments below.

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