6 Actionable Law Firm Social Media Tips


Courtesy of Say It Social

If you are lucky enough to have a handful of clients that keep you on law firm supporting retainer, good for you.

However, for the rest of us, the life of our practice hangs on the balance of new leads clamoring for our business that eventually turn into clients.

There is only so much you can do once your top funnel marketing avenues have been fully taken advantage of.  You have your direct-response paid advertising channels running, you are providing top notch customer service, your website is optimized to attract high-quality search visitors, and you’re coming through with tough legal wins for your existing clients. 

If you want to do more, that’s where social media comes in with its ability to connect you with essentially any potential client. 

One knock on social media is that it requires time to build rapport with your target audience.   When you’re running a law firm, there’s simply not enough time to do that if you are not using social media effectively.

So we gathered 6 actionable social media tips that your law firm can begin working on today to help further your marketing efforts.

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